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Warp & Weft

Featuring works for two violins and piano, Warp and Weft brings together a fascinating variety of works written for this instrumentation by 20th and 21st Century British composers. It is a unique exploration, in which the two violins interweave lines to make a web of sound.

In addition to two world première recordings by Gordon Jacob and Paul Patterson, the disc also includes some of the most inspiring yet rarely recorded works by Rebecca Clarke, E.J.Moeran and Alan Rawsthorne. Each expressing distinctive colours, the exploration of lyricism and virtuosity unfolds.

Rebecca ClarkeThree Movements for 2 violins & piano
Paul PattersonAllusions for 2 Violins and Piano
JacobFour Bagatelles for 2 Violins
MoeranSonata for 2 Violins
RawsthorneTheme and Variations for 2 Violins
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