Publicity Shots - 8514 (c) Kaupo KikkasDrop ShadowSIMONCALLAGHANpianist


Saint-Saëns Duos For Harmonium and Piano

With Miloš Milivojević (accordion)

The rise in popularity of the harmonium in the second half of the nineteenth century brought with it a large repertoire of chamber music, especially in France, where the instrument had been developed and refined. The combination of harmonium with piano was an especially popular one. The accordion, taking the role of the harmonium on these recordings, produces sound in a near identical way. It is the performers’ hope that the subtle shift from the 19th century French harmonium to a modern classical accordion will enable these delightful pieces to be performed more often and to gain the widest possible audience.

GuilmantScherzo capriccioso, Op. 36
GuilmantPastorale, Op. 26
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Scherzo)
FranckPrelude, Fugue & Variation, Op. 18
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Capriccio)
GuilmantPrière, Op. 16
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Choral)
GuilmantFinal alla Schumann, Op. 83
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Cavatina)
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Fantasia e Fuga)
GuilmantElégie-Fugue, Op. 44
Saint-Saëns6 Duos, Op. 8 (Final)