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Delius: Orchestral Music for Two Pianos Vol II

Parnassius Piano Duo

Following SOMM’s successful release in 2012 of Volume I of arrangements for two pianos of Delius’s orchestral music (SOMMCD 0112) SOMM has now released Volume II transcribed by largely the same composers and friends of Delius in the same enjoyable, interesting mix as before.

DeliusFantastic Dance (arr. Bartlett & Robertson)
DeliusOn Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring (arr. Schmidt-Wunsdorf)
DeliusSummer Night on the River (arr. Peter Warlock)
DeliusSong of the High Hills (arr. Grainger)
DeliusEventyr (arr. Benjamin Dale)
DeliusParis (arr. Julius Buths)
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