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This CD brings together three prolific but little-known British composers: Dorothy Howell (1898-1982), Pamela Harrison (1915-90), and Madeleine Dring (1923-77). Working in the same country at the same time, these composers had much in common. All studied at either the Royal Academy or Royal College of Music, and went on to have dual careers as composer-performers. They wrote tonal music in a style that would fall out of fashion in the later twentieth century, which has certainly contributed to their disappearance from concert halls. And above all, they composed with a great sense of humour. The music on this disc sparkles with wit and energy. In the mid-twentieth century the two piano combination was popular both in the concert hall and for light entertainment. It proved a perfect medium for composers who liked to bring a lightness of touch to their work, allowing them to write pieces that were fun both to play and to watch.

Madeleine DringDanza Gaya
Madeleine DringValse française
Madeleine DringItalian Dance
Madeleine DringCaribbean Dance
Pamela HarrisonDance Little Lady
Dorothy HowellRecuerdos preciosos No. 1 in B minor
Dorothy HowellRecuerdos preciosos No. 2 in E♭
Madeleine DringSonata for 2 Pianos
Madeleine DringThree for Two
Madeleine DringTarantelle
Madeleine DringFour Duets
Dorothy HowellMazurka
Dorothy HowellSpindrift
Madeleine DringLilliburlero Variations
Danza Gaya cover