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Colours of the Heart

Colours of the Heart is the début disc from emerging violinist Midori Komachi and Steinway Artist Simon Callaghan. Highly sought after for their performances of the Delius Violin Sonatas, these two award-winning artists based their album on the intriguing story of Delius and Gauguin.

English composer Frederick Delius was the first owner of Paul Gauguin's painting Nevermore, and around their friendship, the artistic circle of composers and painters expanded. Exploring the world of harmonic colours, the album invites the audience to experience the inspiration shared between Delius and Gauguin, and their resonances upon their friends: Ravel, Grieg and Debussy. The album includes a premiere recording of Grieg's Ich Liebe Dich and Solvejg's Song, arranged for violin and piano by the renowned French violinist of the early 20th Century, Émile Sauret.

DebussyViolin Sonata, L. 140
RavelViolin Sonata No. 2 in G
GriegLieder (arr. Sauret)
DeliusViolin Sonata No. 3
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