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Callaghan makes the case... with flair and conviction.

Two more impressive examples in Hyperion's Romantic Piano Concerto series. The only piano concerto by Josef Rheinberger dates from 1877 and is a vast, rich work, owing as much to Brahms as to Schumann. And if Bernhard Scholz's concerto (1883) is somewhat looser in feel, it too possesses surprising substance. Callaghan makes the case for both with flair and conviction.

Stephen Pettitt

The Sunday Times 25 August 2018

Rheinberger/Scholz Concertos

Just what the Romantic Piano Concerto series does best: three works unlikely to be encountered in the concert hall, in performances by artists who wholeheartedly—and justifiably—believe in the music. The high expectations of this series are amply realized in volume seventy-six. Watch the trailer here.

Read programme notes here.

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